Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Story of Someone- 4/5

I love watching Steve cook. He takes such care and pride in what he's doing. And he always cooks with love- one of his favorite terms! Steve makes some really amazing food and one of my favorite qualities is that he's always trying to be a better cook. I happen to think he's already pretty great, but it is really inspiring to see him making tweaks to old recipes and find new ones to expand his culinary horizons!

For our very untraditional Easter Dinner, I requested Steve make one of my favorite dishes (that he makes)- spaghetti and meatballs. He thought I should "warn" our guests in case they were expecting something more traditional (like ham, I suppose), but I told him I thought it was worth the risk to surprise them. And, of course, I was right! This dish is a fan favorite when we're entertaining and our guests were happy to dig into this delicious meal.

Before we all sat down for dinner, I took Clancy out and as we were heading back into our home, I walked by the kitchen window and saw Steve at his altar...I mean...the stove. It was such a perfect capture of his concentration and intensity while cooking, making sure everything goes just right! And it's a perfect capture of our Easter Sunday!

Check out Cyrena and Sarah's photos below:


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