Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Story of Someone- 3/29

Today's A Story of Someone combines Cyrena's theme (outside) and Sarah's too (sojourn). I live not so far away from the Self-Realization Fellowship/Lake Shrine and have always wanted to check it out. So Steve and I went on a little adventure today. I knew there would likely be lots of opportunities to photograph people in a really pretty setting and I was right!

My eyes naturally landed on this woman who was so perfectly enjoying the quiet moment she set aside for herself. While there was plenty of noise and pedestrian traffic around her, I was impressed with, and maybe even slightly jealous of, her ability to block it all out and meditate:

I'm glad I checked this place out. And I'm glad it's free to get in, because I could definitely see myself going back to find my own pocket of quiet.

A few hours later, I found myself at the Rose Garden in Palisades Park (what I lovingly refer to as my backyard) and happened upon this site, which was a runner-up for this week's A Story of Someone. A family of three children (including these two girls) and their mother and father had just wrapped up a family photo shoot. I loved how the girls (twins perhaps?) were drawing and playing together on the bench and the burst of orange roses behind them gives you a very good sense of just how beautiful and fragrant and plentiful the rose garden is right now. I wish you could smell the roses!

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