Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Story of Someone- 4/19

Today's exploring with my out-of-town friends brought us to Hollywood. We did a couple of proper stair walks from the same book I shared last week in some of the older neighborhoods in Hollywood. We saw some magnificent sights, climbed some spectacular stairs and got a chance to see new parts of town I hadn't been to before. I loved it and luckily so did all my friends.

Since E&P hadn't been to LA before, we of course hit up Hollywood Blvd. and checked out that crazy scene. Which was a perfect place for my Story of Someone:

I don't exactly know what character or role this man was going to play, but I loved that we saw him applying the finishing touches on his make-up before he was good to go. There is so much craziness and an overwhelming amount of activity at the corner of Hollywood & Highland. It's like a very, very scaled down version of Times Square. But I feel like this photo captures a little bit of what you can expect!

Check out Cyrena & Sarah's photos below:


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