Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Story of Someone- 4/26

Last Sunday (because I'm posting this a full week late- oops), I found myself up in Valencia hanging out with some of my very favorite women, who I also have the pleasure of working with. As tends to happen when we get together, we talk and catch up and share photos and stories. During one of those stories, I needed to take a time out since (nasty) bathroom talk was about to be discussed. I had heard this particular story before about my friend's dog and one particular and unfortunate way his anxiety manifested. So I took the opportunity to escape just outside the hotel bar. Because I had been too busy running around here there and everywhere during the day, I was left with slim pickin's for this week's photo:

While this may be the most boring photo I've taken yet during this challenge, I like that I'll look at this and always remember the fantastic company I had and the fun dinner we were just about to have.

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