Friday, July 6, 2012

Cool Capture: Beach Days

One of the apps I have on my iPhone is for PopSugar, which is not just a celebrity gossip site, but the mobile version acts as a main portal into a bunch of their other sister sites, like GeekSugar. Sometimes when I can't sleep and I have my iPhone in bed, I'll look through some of these different sites.

Months and months ago I learned about Cool Capture, which is described on their site as "Show off your photography skills with our community. Tell us a little bit about your subject, the kind of camera you used, and any fun details or editing techniques you tried. Your photos could even be seen on the front page of GeekSugar!

Since then, I've been tagging my Instagram photos with the #coolcapture hashtag and last night while willing myself to fall asleep, I saw a photo that looked familiar. It took a minute before I realized that it was my photo taken of the Santa Monica Pier a few weeks ago. The photos is below and the link to the highlight can be found here


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