Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crayola Photo Challenge- Red

With so many reds to choose from, I ultimately went with the photo below for a few reasons.

First- I love that this man is staring right into the camera.
Second- It shows that you've got to have some mad skillz to be a professional ballon artist.
Third- The red is peeking out in a few different places and really helps this photo pop. (Pun intended)!

Steve and I went to the Mar Vista Farmer's Market on Sunday September 18th and I snapped a bunch of photos in search of Pine Green. I was captivated by this man and found myself taking a few pictures of him, standing off in the distance and watching the kids take such delight in his balloon creations.

This is my favorite photo I took of him and I love that it's a perfect match for red:

From Crayola Photo Challenge- Red

Taken on September 18th at the Mar Vista Farmer's Market.

I had a lot of great photo options for red which you can check out here.


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