Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crayola Photo Challenge- Red Orange

While driving from Carrick-on-Shannon to the Beach Bar, I passed this quaint little scene, pulled over and took a few photos. I didn't have my color swatches with me, and I'll admit I'm a little surprised to discover that the roof qualifies as red orange.

I was on my way to a B&B attached to a pub Steve and I stopped at during our honeymoon in 2006. After two nights at the Thatch, I was more than ready to have a low-key and mostly drink-free evening.

Back to the picture.

This is a typical scene in Ireland. With the animals, the stone buildings and fields galore. And it was a chilly, rainy afternoon so it's easy for me to look at this picture and feel like I'm back there.

Taken near Aughris Head in Sligo, Ireland on Friday, October 28th.

More Red Orange can be found here.


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