Friday, November 25, 2011

Crayola Photo Challenge- Plum

What I love about plum is that the photo selections span such totally different places (Seal Beach, Santa Monica, Valencia & Paris) and capture such totally different experiences.

I had a really hard time choosing the photo to best represent this color. Each photo in my plum photo album is meaningful and has a compelling story behind it. But ultimately I went with the one that I felt was the most artistic- the one that I worked the hardest for.

I took this picture while walking around in Paris on my second day in that beautiful city. Amy and I had just spent entirely too long looking for Shakespeare and Company bookstore and then went to check out Notre Dame. On our way in search of the best falafel stand in all of Paris, we passed this little courtyard where we saw a man making bubbles and delighting a small group of children. I stopped and snapped a bunch of pictures trying desperately to get the timing just right. And suddenly, I did:

From Crayola Photo Challenge- Plum

You'll have to search a little for the plum. And some may think I'm pushing the limits a little bit with it. But, I like it and am really happy with this photo and I hope you agree.

More plum? Here you go!

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