Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr. Knox- Appointment #1

Today, at the urging of my breast oncologist, I had an appointment with a gynecologist in Santa Monica who came highly recommended. I was excited to see Dr. Knox after reading mostly wonderful reviews about her and some of the other doctor's at her practice. It felt good to be building my team of doctors and I was grateful that she was based in Santa Monica.

Although I waited for about 45 minutes after my appointment time, Dr. Knox and I had a great consultation. Today's appointment was an opportunity for her to review some of my recent blood work and to ultimately tell me if she felt that I would have a difficult time conceiving.

Hold on people. I'm not having a baby.


But in order for me & Steve to make decisions, we need answers. And Dr. Knox was able to provide some. Which was great.

Regardless, it was overwhelming to talk about things like a prenatal panel. feel like that's a little bit- okay a lot- ahead of where I'm at right now.

After the consultation with Dr. Knox was over, I went to check out and was hit with a huge dose of reality.

Apparently neither of the two insurances I carry (I'm covered through my company and Steve's) were accepted at the doctor's office. Why I wasn't told this before I went in and had a $300 conversation with the doctor is beyond me.

Stupid f'n expensive lesson learned. Yes, I now know to always always check with the doctor's office before my appointment(s) to verify that my insurance is accepted.

I am almost positive that I provided them with my insurance information at the time the appointment was booked- about two weeks prior to this appointment. So I feel totally duped that this wasn't checked on and reported back to me before I spoke with the doctor and filled out all this new patient paperwork saying I would pay what wasn't covered by insurance.

Fingers crossed that when the claim is submitted to my insurance, they'll actually cover it.

No next steps for now since my f'n insurance isn't accepted at the Women's Medical Group of Santa Monica. But Dr. Knox was waiting on one more blood test work-up to totally confirm I won't have a problem conceiving.

And then it's just putting that information to the side when and if (but we're both leaning towards when) we're ready to act on it.


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