Monday, September 5, 2011

Crayola Photo Challenge- Periwinkle

On Friday evening, I went for a walk with a friend and we made a slight detour so I could check out the waves. We've been experiencing some big wave action here in Santa Monica. Big enough to keep Steve-o out of the water and to close the Venice Pier on Friday.

When I looked over the railing, I saw something that put a big smile on my face.

On the eve of Labor Day weekend, one of the beach clubs had set-up hundreds of beach chairs and umbrellas. It was such a cool sight that when I got back home, I picked up my real camera and the twin to head back to get proper photos.

I set my alarm early for the next morning so I could go back to the same spot and take pictures in broad daylight and well before all the beach goers were up and at it. Once I was done getting pictures from up above on the cliffs, I jammed on down to the ocean, parked next to the beach club and got out and took a ton more pictures. The area is closed to members only, but because I was there so early, no one gave me any problems.

I was sure that I had found periwinkle in several of the beach chairs and umbrellas, but the color was just off slightly.

Luckily, my periwinkle comes from the twinkle of my beautiful niece Quinn's eyes. Which change colors often through any given day. And I was glad to be on hand in Maine to capture the sheer happiness she shares with everyone around her.

From Crayola Photo Challenge- Periwinkle

Taken in Ogunquit, Maine on August 14th.

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Cyrena September 5, 2011 at 2:37 PM  

Love this photo of Quinn.

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