Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MRI & Mammogram Scheduled

It's kind of crazy how long I've been waiting for the first day of my cycle to arrive. I've never been someone who has tracked this information every month. Just haven't ever really needed to before. But now that my first MRI and mammogram are dependent upon it, I've been anxious and antsy. Because 7-10 days after the start, I need to be getting my first MRI and mammogram.

On Monday I was able to call Beverly Hills Imaging and schedule my appointments and can now report that I will be getting my first mammogram on Friday, followed by my first MRI on Saturday. Not exactly how I was hoping to spend my weekend, but, it'll be good to put these firsts behind me.

Right this very second, I don't have anxiety about this. I've been super busy with work. I'm actually writing this from Salt Lake City where I've been since Monday for a conference. On top of travel time and networking time, I've spent all day in a conference and practically all night doing my regular job. So yeah. Right now. I'm okay with the upcoming tests. Come Friday, I'm sure I'll be anxious, distracted and nervous.

When I first saw Dr. Waisman, I scheduled a follow-up appointment for September 19th. But I had to push this appointment back to accommodate turnaround time for the images/scans to get back to the doctor. So when I see Dr. Waisman on September 26th, I should know how everything looks.

I know waiting 10 days between the appointments will be torture, so I will call Dr. Waisman's office to find out if I'll hear anything sooner of if I have to painfully wait that long to know that everything is okay, or god forbid, not.

I did already ask the imaging place to check and see how much of this will be covered by insurance so I'm not totally shocked when I arrive on Friday/Saturday. But I'm expecting to get ripped off again. At least I won't be blindsided if that happens!


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