Monday, January 18, 2010

An Open Letter to my Team

Dear Friends and Foes,

I wanted to tell you a little story before you find out about it on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.

Today, after learning that there would be a rally outside Universal Studios in support of Conan O'Brien, my friend Lindsay and I decided we'd go and check it out. I'd just gotten back from the gym where I actually ran for two miles without STOPPING. I'd finished meal one. I could do this.

Sure, it was raining cats AND dogs. But I was wearing my rain boots, rain coat and carried my umbrella. This would be fine. I wasn't even all that convinced I'd get out of the car. I figured we'd drive by and then get something to eat.

After very carefully navigating the freeways of Los Angeles, Lindsay and I arrived at the rally site. Welcomed by huge I'm with COCO signs, orange ponchos, lots of creative homemade signs and tons of umbrellas, we realized the idea of just driving by was no longer an option. We parked illegally in the metro lot and walked across the street to join the crowd.

It was raining. A lot. We stood there for about 30 minutes and chanted with the crowd. Encouraged passerbys to honk their horn. Asked people with (basically) professional signs to pose with them. Watched insane people run across the street with their own Conan supporting signs. We were taunted by rumblings of Conan coming out to greet the crowd. One man walked by declaring, "Conan's coming." It was at this point that I realized I was on the verge of losing points. But what could I do?

Just as I was contemplating leaving, to get my next meal in for the day, La Bamba was driven by on the back of a truck in a glass case. He drove by waving just like a beauty pageant contestant. Next it was the Masturbating Bear. I looked down at my watch and knew I had a choice to make. Do I take a six point hit for a missed meal and miss the chance to see Conan? What to do?

Well ladies, to me, my choice was clear. I was soaked to the bone, and actually hungry, but I had invested about two hours of my time now and there was no turning back. I decided to forfeit six points at my chance to see Conan.

Luckily, it wasn't all for nothing. About 30 minutes after I missed the timeframe to get in my meal, Conan came out like the amazing maniac that he is jumped around, stormed the streets, shook MY HAND, and ran down the street for two blocks. Madness ensued. Umbrellas and people took over the very busy Lankershim Blvd. No one knew where they were going and no one seemed to care either. Before I knew it, two blocks later, we were all converged in front of Gate 2 with a few hundred people screaming for Conan. Again, we were not disappointed.

Andy, Conan and Max all come out on top of the building which appears to house the Tonight Show studio or at least the offices. It was fantastic, and well worth the points.

I came home drenched, cold and very satisfied. I'm bummed I missed six points- sorry team- but I'm very happy that the Conan experience was such a success.

So there you have it.

Sad but happy,

PS- Turns out Cheryl was there too! We didn't see one another but found out, via Facebook of course, that each was in attendance.


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