Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 2 Results- Game 5

What a week. I had mixed feelings when I went to step on the scale this morning. I just wasn't feeling "it" and was nervous for the outcome. However, I knew the fact that it was that time of the month, wasn't going to help matters. And quite frankly, it's always nice when there's a reason for a not so great week.

Well this wasn't a great week according to the scale. The little numbers on the scale said that I had actually gained about a pound from last week's weigh-in. Which yes it's frustrating given how hard I worked out this week, and how well I did (for the most part) with everything else, but like I said, it's nice that there's a real reason. And it makes next week's weigh-in that much more exciting.

Okay, maybe exciting isn't the right word. But, whatever, it'll be interesting regardless.

I've been staying up late watching Conan, entertaining guests, going to see shows (Pee Wee's Playhouse and Mary Poppins) and am finally feeling the effects of that tonight. It's just barely 8pm and I haven't worked out. I'm feeling low on energy and very sleepy.

Go to the gym or go to bed?


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