Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hoping I Can Move Tomorrow

I've long questioned my ability to push myself through a weight workout without someone there to push me. But lately I've been discovering that not only can I push myself through a really challenging workout, but I can push other people right along with me.

Here's the 500+ calorie workout Lindsay, Katie and I did this morning at the gym....

Split squat (3x20)

Hi to Lo Woodchop (3x20)

Upright Row (3x20)

Glute Bridge (3x20)

Swissball Hamstring Curl (3x20)

Single Arm Low to High Cable Row (3x20)

Incline Push-Ups (3x10)

Back Extensions (3x20)

Front Plank (3 x 1min)

Side Plank (3 x 30 seconds each side)

Bird Dog (3 x 30 seconds each side)

As difficult as this was, not only did it feel amazing, but it made me forget about the bad food I ate on my day off just yesterday!

Here's to hoping I can move tomorrow.


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