Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 1- Dublin

After a full day of traveling yesterday, I landed in Dublin early this morning. My plan was to keep myself as awake as I possibly could and then take some tylenol PM and crash after dinner on the plane. I'm not entirely sure just how long I slept, but I'm fairly certain I was asleep for the majority of the flight. Unfortunately, I still felt really out of it after getting to the hotel.

And we had a little bit of car drama.

I will say for the record that I was not the one doing the driving. But after driving from the airport into the city centre, the car was smelling nasty and there may have been a little bit of smoke coming out of the hood of the car. Again, I was not driving. I have to say for the record, I'm not sure it was the driver's fault. I truly don't think it had to do with the driving. I think we just got a jacked up car.

So we made our way to the hotel, parked, unloaded and then called Avis to have them bring us a new car. Which they did. While we waited for all that to take place, I took a nap and had some gnarly dreams.

After the car situation got all worked out, we made our way out into the city. It's a bit on the chilly side. But because I actually dress appropriately for cooler weather now (as opposed to being too cool to wear proper clothing), it wasn't that bad. We made our way into The Duke (nothing special about this place, just that it looked decent and not crowded) for lunch and then walked to Trinity College.

Apparently it was graduation day of some sorts, so we maneuvered our way around people walking awkwardly in heels on cobblestone walkways. I felt grateful to be in lululemon workout pants and new balance sneakers. Comfort first people, I don't care what special occasion it is!

We're back at the hotel having a relaxing afternoon/evening. We're going to make our way to The Dame Tavern, where I pulled my own pint last year and walk around Dublin some more tonight.

Katie arrives tomorrow and then we're making our way out of the city. I really don't love Dublin. I just don't come to Ireland for the big cities, so I'm looking forward to getting off the beaten path and slowing the pace down a bit.

Favorite pictures of the day so far:

(me taking a picture of The Sphere inside the Sphere at Trinity College)

(flying over Ireland)


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