Sunday, November 8, 2009


In just a few hours I'll be getting on a plane for Dublin, via Chicago. Yesterday morning I was beyond excited to get this vacation started. The ticket has been booked since May and although it took us a while to get the itinerary planned, once we did in early October, I couldn't wait to take off!

I'm going to new places, staying in a castle for two nights, exploring the great outdoors on foot and bike.

But yesterday late morning I received a sad call letting me know that a very good friend had lost his father unexpectedly in a car accident. It hit me really hard and I found myself crying and sad about this all day. I still feel such a heaviness in my heart and know that no matter how far I travel, how much I see and do, the sadness will still be there. This friend was so important during the six months from my dad's diagnosis to the time of his death and even traveled way out of his way to be at my father's service (many people did actually, which still blows my mind). I always knew that if the situation were reversed that I would want to be there for him in the same capacity he was for me. And I hate that I will more than likely miss the services while I'm in Ireland.

I know when you lose someone, it's often the days after the services that you need people more- when regular life resumes for mostly everyone else and you're stuck trying to redefine what normal is in the wake of such a devastating loss. And I have every intention of being as supportive and there for this person in all the days afterward that I can. But still, the sadness remains. I can't imagine the absolute shock and horror of being told someone you love was killed suddenly in a car accident. I've often thought about this question in contrast to what we went through with my dad and what we experienced earlier with my mother-in-law. Is it better for it to be sudden or drawn out? I honestly have no idea. So this has definitely thrown me for a loop and has taken the "Yay Ireland!" attitude down a notch.

But at the same time, I know that once I get off that plane and land in Ireland, I will be able to enjoy myself. We have some killer plans and I AM looking forward to reacquainting myself with Ireland as a happier and healthier Molly.

Next time I update, it'll be from Ireland!


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