Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wow...I Actually Worked Out!

I got up this morning and before I started my day at the Phoenix Convention Center, I made it to the gym where I squeezed in a tiny workout. 20-minutes on the bike and I was feelin' it big time! I'm out of shape, but just happy that I got myself out there to get this workout ball rolling. There's no question about it, I'll be getting up tomorrow morning and spending some time at the gym again. Must keep this up!

My work trip is still going well. Either I've adjusted to the weather a bit more or I'm just not spending enough time outside (I think it's the latter), but I don't have too many complaints about the weather. It is weirdly nice for the air to be so warm at night.

One perk of being in Phoenix is that I get to catch up with my good friend Jess who lives here. We've had two great dinners together and spent a lot of quality time just talking and getting up to speed on what the heck has been going on in our lives. It's been a really great change of pace for me to just kick back and really talk while eating. It's nice to not rush through the meal to get back on the computer or do something else. Steve should be happy to read this, as it's something I should try and do more of when I'm with him! I'm such a rusher through my meals and would love to actively work on having it be a more enjoyable experience and use it as an opportunity to talk talk talk :) Anyway, tonight after sushi in Scottsdale, we hit up a super cute old fashioned ice cream shop- the Sugarbowl. The place has been featured in the Family Circle comic strip. Check it out for yourself here

As soon as I stepped inside I loved it! Besides the obvious (the menu is mostly made up of shakes/malts and sundaes) it was super cute- pink everywhere! Meghan- you'd love this place and one day we'll have to swing by.

Anyway, I've liked the fact that I'm actually getting out and doing things while I'm here instead of just attending the conference, coming back to the hotel room, doing more work, eating crappy hotel food, doing more work, and going to bed. I knew that traveling so much was going to be a challenge this month. But it's nice to know I can balance it somewhat and not make all crappy choices.

Hooray for me.


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