Monday, September 15, 2008

Working in Phoenix

I'm working in Phoenix for the week attending a call center conference. I realize this may sound extremely boring to most of the world, but I'm really excited for the opportunity. And after Day One, I've already learned so much that I know this is going to be four days jam-packed with a ton of ideas for work improvements.

Even though the heat is stifling and despite the fact that I for real almost passed out yesterday when I stepped out the doors of the airport and took a very brief walk to the rental car shuttle bus, I can see that this week is going to be endlessly valuable for me from a work perspective. I'm also trying to have it be valuable for me from a personal perspective. I'd like to get back into working out (there's a great gym here at the hotel I'm staying at), writing here and in my personal journal and catch up on sleep. So far, I'm not doing the best job with that as I spent the whole day at the conference, got a bite to eat on the drive home and have been working since I walked into the hotel over three hours ago. But tomorrow's a new day and I have faith that I will accomplish one of those things with the new day.

Overall I'm doing well. I just need a little swift kick in the ass to get my eating, sleeping and activity level back to a normal level. In the meantime, I'm just trying to stay sane and keep plugging along. For now, I'm just happy that I actually blogged. I've missed it.

Here's hoping for a better update tomorrow.


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