Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello Yoga

I did a yoga workout in my hotel room and it's one more illustration of just how out of shape I am. It's also a really good example of how I can't wait to learn how to meditate and quiet my thoughts.

I'm sitting here doing an hour yoga workout, and almost all I can think about is how much easier this would be if I was not overweight. In a sense, I kept beating myself up for a multitude of reasons. When in reality, I really should have cut myself some slack. I didn't shirk the workout entirely (even though that would have been very very easy to do). I didn't skimp through the session (even though I obviously could have- I mean who was watching? No one, thankfully!). I did a really good job considering I truly don't even know when the last time I did yoga.

Next week a good friend of mine is coming into town who is a spiritual guru (among other things). She's all about kharma, and good energy, sending along positive vibes, meditating, sweat lodges...basically a lot of stuff I'd like to be better at (minus the sweat lodges) but just don't feel like I have in me. I told her a few weeks ago that I wanted her to teach me how to meditate. Part of me feels like if I could just learn to quiet myself down, my life would be sooooo much better.

I've had trouble sleeping for the past couple of weeks and a huge part of it is because there is so much running through my brain. I want to shut it off and have some peace and quiet. The yoga earlier helped a little bit, but it did two things:
1. Highlighted just how noisy all the crazy, negative thoughts about myself are rolling around in my head.
2. Reminded me that I'll likely be sore in the morning (or sooner).
Regardless, it felt great to move my body that way.

I leave tomorrow to have a very very short stint at home. I'm not even there for 10 hours before I leave again and go to NYC where I get to meet my new niece Lila Brady! I'm very excited to meet Lila and to spend time with the rest of my family there. Probably the best decision I made was to not work on Friday or Monday. I'm usually really bad about that- trying to cram EVERYTHING in with family and friends and work. And I've just decided to not do it. So not only am I taking Friday & Monday off from work, but I will also be leaving my computer behind in Santa Monica and I can't wait. I'm really looking forward to the break.

After NYC, I have one more work trip and then it's a three-week traveling hiatus to spend time with Steve and Clancy and then I'm off to IRELAND AND ITALY! I'm craving that trip like nothing else. I'm so looking forward to just being away and disconnected (well as disconnected as I want to be). I've never taken a vacation for three weeks and I know it's going to be an amazing experience. Yikes! It's going to creep up on me so quickly.


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