Friday, August 8, 2008

30 Day Challenge- Day 9

It's Friday- hoofreakinray! To reward myself for a long hard week, Susannah and I went up to the Fasts, again, for some hydrotherapy (I just learned that this week) and brought along CC as well. We had suuuuch a relaxing and wonderful time hanging by the pool, doing bootcamp, going swimming (the water was a cool 88*- seriously), eating a nice Italian meal and generally checking out and taking it easy.

I'm getting used to this going up to the pool bit. What ever will I do when Steve's parent's stop spending so much time on Ojai? Let's hope I don't have to find out the answer to that for quite some time!

What was great about going up tonight is that it was one of the first clear days that I can remember. We were rewarded with a great view of the ocean and Santa Monica.


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