Thursday, August 7, 2008

30 Day Challenge- Day 8

Yeesh, what a week! For the past five weeks, I've only had to work four days and I have been digging it- big time. So I knew that this week was going to be an adjustment because of having to work five days (nothing I can't get used to, obviously). But all the other things on top of that has made this one heck of a week. Today I went over to Katie Grant's house to "learn" how to be back on the phones again. I've been so far removed from the ins and outs of the phone job and starting next week I'm going to hop back on. So I had some serious catching up to do.

After the long day and the drive back home, all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch TV. Instead, I walked in the door, changed my clothes and decided to go for a bike ride. I've really been enjoying the bike rides. Part of me prefers them to running. I can certainly go faster and I cover much more territory. Plus I'm not struggling so much that I can actually enjoy the workout more. Anyway, it was about 7pm when I went for the ride and it was just another gorgeous day in Santa Monica.

Along Ocean Avenue

Nearing the end of Ocean Avenue

Down Montana

It's been a great reminder for me to get myself to move even when I don't want to. I feel so much better when I do and I'm rewarded with a great workout and a great mood when I'm done.


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