Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Reflecting on Appointments

After getting back on track last week, I'm eager to keep the trend going.

Yesterday morning after my walk, I grabbed my shuffle and went for a quick run. I continue to push myself a little more each run. This time I increased the running to two minutes at a time and only a minute of walking for a rest before I started back up again. It was definitely a challenge for me, but one I was up to. And great news, my sneakers didn't bother me at all. So that's going well. Today when I woke up, my shins were feeling a little sore, so I'm going to ice them as a preventative measure. It didn't help to have Clancy pounce on them as he tried to wake me up either!

I had a great session with my therapist last week and we talked about a few things.
1. She recommended a book called Appetites that I was resistant to begin reading, but have started and am enjoying, slowly. I haven't gotten that far into it, but I think it's going to be a powerful book for me to read.
2. In conjunction with something my nutritionist said (that I lack long-term accountability with some of my actions, specifically my food choices), my therapist and I talked about how right now the goal is weight-loss. What my nutritionist said was so right on. It made me think about something that was said in a Double W (Weight Watchers) one of the 47 times I attempted to follow the program. "Think about what you want most, not what you want right now." I do lack long-term accountability with some of my food choices. Often times I eat something simply because I want it and because I can have it...no one is there to tell me it's off limits or bad for me or a million other things. It's good to get that kind of perspective so I can pause before I put something in my mouth. It doesn't always work, but...
3. In line with what I just mentioned, we talked about how me working on myself life has to be part of my home and work life. In one of my earlier posts, I talked about how I do all this great work in my therapy or nutritionist sessions, in and at the actual sessions and then I just wait to do the work the next time I have one of the appointments. I think this blog is a great way for me to keep checking-in on the work I need to do and the discussions that I have had during my the sessions. I can't compartmentalize this aspect of working on myself, it needs to be involved in everything that I do.
4. Something that we spoke about a few weeks ago was to start making plans with friends that didn't involve food. I'll admit, I'm not always really good at this. But in the next week, I'm going to make a concerted effort to hang out with my friends by doing something other than eating. Here are some things we could do:
*go see a movie
*go for a walk
*go to a coffeeshop and do some reading or writing
*go to a museum or art show
*explore los angeles
*go for a hike
*go to yoga
*mini road trip
*bike ride

As usual there's a lot going on and I'm moving forward. Taking things one meal and one workout at a time.


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