Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 Photography Challenge: Monthly Themes. February = Loving Life

February's theme = Loving Life

My chosen photo is of Steve-o surfing on Sunday. I've been hoping for good surf conditions all month so I could take photos of him in the water and we just barely got it in time for this month's challenge.

As I mentioned in January, we've committed to making 2016 "The Year of Adventure for Molly & Steve." So I've decided to combine that with my 2016 Photography Challenge. Spoiler Alert: each month, I'll incorporate Steve or something we've done together in the photo I select.

Steve is often at his happiest when surfing is involved. I love the little smirk he's got on his face right before he gets in the water. Here's my guy, his board and the Pacific Ocean all his for the taking!

There was no one else out in the water. But I love knowing that Steve was partially humoring me so I could take a photo of him in his happy place and partially getting in the water because it makes him come alive.

Right before I took this photo, while I was trying to set up my umbrella (which is more like a tent) to protect me from getting any bit of sun, the wind blew the freaking thing inside out and snapped a bunch of the metal pieces making it completely unusable. I'm not sure if that's a word, but it is now. After I took this photo I had a complete baby fit, threw the whole thing in the trash and stormed off for home leaving Steve for himself :)

Here are two more photos of Steve surfing:

Here are Cyrena and Sarah's photos:


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