Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Photography Challenge: Monthly Themes. January = New Beginnings

(Check out my post from yesterday where I went into more detail about our 2016 Photography Challenge.)

January theme = New Beginnings

My chosen photo is of the Los Angeles skyline as viewed from the Sixth Street Bridge. What I love about this photo is the New Beginnings theme applies in two ways.

First, this photo was taken on a date day and night adventure with Steve. We've committed to making 2016 "The Year of Adventure for Molly & Steve" so I know we're going to experience a lot of New Beginnings ourselves this year. This photo was from our third adventure in January and our second visit to the Sixth Street Bridge. The first time around I didn't bring my real camera or tripod, although my new iPhone 6S captured a pretty amazing photo.

Second, the Sixth Street Bridge was just closed last week due to renovations. I was able to get this photo during the second to last weekend anyone could access this bridge. And I'm so glad that I did. It's a new beginning for the Sixth Street Bridge too as it's going to become a pretty sweet park and pedestrian and car bridge once it's done.

Here are Cyrena and Sarah's photos:

Until next month when we photograph Loving Life.


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