Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Story of Someone 3/1

I flew into Chicago a little early to hang with my friend Jess, and to see some other friends, ahead of my work meetings tomorrow and Tuesday. Jess and I spent Saturday and most of today together. And she was very accommodating when I was in search of my Story of Someone. (Thanks Jess!)

It was a "warm" day in Chicago (in the high-20s, which is crap, by the way), but I was hoping to take photos that captured how different it was than my usual paradise-like environment. So I walked around and took some photos that illustrated how cold it was- photos of people all bundled up, photos of people sitting on a bench enjoying the feel of sunshine on their faces, photos of the snow and even some photos of people indoors.

During our exploring, Jess and I turned into Belmont Harbor so I could take photos that remind me of Sarah (and Erin and Jo). Photos of bare trees and the Chicago city line. While I was busy photographing the bare trees, Jess was photographing her city. And I knew that would be my Story of Someone. Just a girl, loving her city, in the middle of a "warm" winter day:

Check out Cyrena and Sarah's photos below:


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