Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Story of Someone 2/22

I spent the past few days in Las Vegas and knew that I'd have endless options for interesting people for this week's subject. Cyrena and I were in town visiting our friend Kari (hi Kari!) and before getting on the road for our very long trip back to LA, we hit the strip in search of our photo subjects. I thought taking photos at the Bellagio fountains would be perfect, but learned on Sundays, the fountain show doesn't start until 11:00 a.m. Diss.

Not wanting to go through the hassle of finding another casino, I ventured back inside and had plenty of options between the lobby and the casino floor. Or so I thought. I learned the hard way that you're not supposed to take photos of a live game (makes total sense). After I was gently scolded, I moved to another part of the casino...the "garden". Which as it turns out isn't really much of a garden. The space was all decked out for the Chinese New Year and when I saws the sight below, I knew I had found my subject.

Listen. In 2008, I got one of the best presents. Ever. It was the original "selfie stick" that many of my friends and family immediately nicknamed "The Molly Pole." A name which still sticks (pun intended) today. So the latest explosion of the "selfie stick" has prompted so many of my friends to talk about how ahead of the curve I was (thanks to this perfect present from my sister Kara). When I saw this couple using their "selfie stick", I just had to capture the moment. Plus. I'm always fascinated by people who don't actually smile in their own photos.

I had a hard time choosing between these two photos. Below is my photo which symbolizes Las Vegas perfectly. It embodies the last ditch effort of going for a win (evident by the bag slung around his body and the large suitcase out of sight behind him) and the loneliness that you can feel in such a busy, busy place. I love the contemplative look on this man's face and the movement of the card shuffling in his left hand.

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