Thursday, December 27, 2012

#Insta_Galway Instagram Contest

I've made no secret for my love of Instagram. Even in light of their recent bonehead changes to the terms of service, or whatever the proper legal term is, I'm still a fan.

And a couple of months ago, two guys I was following (who live in Ireland) announced that they were hosting a new contest. They encouraged everyone to Follow @Insta_Galway and to tag five of your best photos to the #insta_galway tag on Instagram.

The rules were very simple:

  1. Your Photo must be tagged by you at #insta_galway via the Instagram App.
  2. @Insta_Galway will notify you via Instagram that your photo is being considered. 
  3. Only then you will be requested to email us your original camera role edit to
  4. Photos not tagged / approved by us will not be accepted so don't email us directly!!!
  5. Only a maximum of 5 shots per entrant 
  6. Absolutely no images taken using a DSLR will be accepted (trust me we'll know)!! Iphone / Android devices with the Instagram App only.
  7. No images from the net will be accepted either.
  8. The most important rule,  - Have Fun !!!

I found out that through the thousands of photos submitted, one of mine was selected! Even cooler, the photos were going to be posted at a coffee shop in Galway and my friend Robin, who lives there, stopped by to take some photos which you can see below.

There was an opening night reception in November, which I obviously missed, but what an honor to have my photograph chosen and to be among so many respected and talented photographers I follow on Instagram.

This is a photo of the Middle Path at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. I took this during a super fun and memorable visit to see one of my most favorite people, Molly Hobbs!

I'm going back to Ireland tomorrow and hope to see it for myself and meet the fantastic lads who put this on. A huge thank you to Robin for taking photos for me!


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