Friday, October 19, 2012

Scotland- Day 2 Glasgow

We were very slow moving this morning. Even though we were back at the Alamo (yes, we're in the basement!) at a reasonable hour, we didn't fall asleep until after 1am, which is basically a miracle- or insanity. At any rate, we were up for breakfast (which, sadly, wasn't that great) and then I promptly fell back asleep for about an hour since I really couldn't function any other way.

Once we were really ready to greet the day, Katie and I set off for the hop-on-hop-off tour of Glasgow. We figured on very little sleep, it was our best bet for seeing the city. Plus the forecast called for a full day of heavy rain.

We set off into the heart of the city and easily caught a bus a short while later taking it into the city centre. We did what's referred to as the east end loop, catching the Cathedral (and deciding to walk back there on our own to take pictures later in the afternoon) and then, on the recommendation of a friend, we checked out the Horseshoe Bar for lunch which was just eh. Afterwards we walked around the east end of the city checking out a camera shop, a cupcake shop and going back to the cathedral to take photos.

Our last must do of the day was to find a rental car for tomorrow- we're heading into the Highlands- and even that was a success. We walked back to the guest house and waited for Jill to arrive. Unfortunately, we learned that Jill's flight was delayed, so we went out for dinner on our own and waited for Jill to arrive- which didn't happen until nearly 10pm tonight.

Now it's off to bed as we have a big day with a lot of time in the car ahead of us. Katie's done an amazing job of figuring out what the Scotland leg of the trip was going to look like. She found the guest house (it's great!) and has created the loose itinerary for Friday - Sunday. It's been a very nice experience to just kick back and go along with what's been planned. My type-A personality is just fine with it and I'm really looking forward to what tomorrow brings us. We've only ever heard great things about the Highlands and I'm grateful that we get to experience it.

Here are the great photos from today:


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