Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scotland- Day 1 Dublin to Glasgow

Not too much to write about here as I included some of it, especially the fun part of driving to Dublin and then flying to Scotland after drinking for eight hours and sleeping for 5 1/2, in my Ireland Day 9 post but...

Katie and I had an uneventful flight from Dublin to Glasgow and then took a taxi into the city to our guest house where we're staying for the next four nights- the Alamo Guest House. We had just enough time to set our things down before we walked out- in the rain- to grab something to eat.

We're staying in a section of the city known as the West End and it's near the Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery (which I'm sure I won't make it to) and has great views of Glasgow University. There are also several very good restaurants nearby and we didn't have any problems finding one to try.

We are so f'n tired that all we wanted to do was get some food in us and come back and crash. The restaurant was a little more engaging and interesting than we were expecting, so it wasn't a quick in and out. It was too nice to just rush through. We ended up at a great seafood restaurant and bar called The Finnieston.

The food was delicious, the presentation was very unique and the waitstaff was so nice. I could see us going back there again on this trip- it was that good!

Our night has been very low-key since coming back to the guest house. Catching up on Facebook and email. Downloading photos. Updating the blog. It's nice to just chill out.

Tomorrow we're going to do the hop on hop off bus tour of the city, look into renting a car for our drive on Saturday up into the Highlands and then my friend Jill is coming in from Amsterdam. It's going to be a busy, but fun day. I'm excited to see a new city in a new-to-me country!

Very few photos from today, but here are the keepers:


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