Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reflections Photo Challenge- January BUILDING

January's reflection photography challenge required that we take a photo of an object reflected in a building.

I have been counting on getting a photo of the sunset or the ocean reflected in a building along Ocean Avenue. There was a photo I took last year and put up in my Facebook album "Life Near the Ocean" that I wanted to recreate, but I didn't have quite the same opportunity to snap what I had in mind.

But, what I ended up with was equally as good. What I love about this photo is you can see the ocean on the horizon, the sun just after it has set and the palm trees along the park facing the ocean.

Katie and I went downtown to take pictures in a last attempt to photograph something else, but I ultimately went with the one above.

You can check out more January photos here. In this album, I really liked photo #6 and #10.


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