Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Photo Challenge- Reflections

Cyrena, Sarah and I are getting ready to embark upon our photography challenge for 2012. Katie will be joining us this year- which I'm really excited about! Means more photography excursions for the both of us.

Stealing text directly from Cyrena, we're scaling back to a more manageable plan this year of 12 shots, 1/month. This year's subject is reflections. But in order to have a similar theme in all our work, we have a primary structure/object that the reflection should appear in each month.

Here is the plan for the year:
January: Building
February: Mirror
March: Water
April: Beverage
May: Glasses (Eyeglasses, drinking glasses, etc)
June: Object (silverware, etc)
July: Statue
August: Vehicle
September: Window
October: Furniture
November: Monitor/TV
December: Holiday Item

I struggled with this concept at first. Thinking we just had to take a photo of the structure/object listed beside each month. But Cyrena schooled me, as she often does, on how we need to have a central theme so we can pick up on them in our photographs.

So here I am.

All on board.

And ready to go!

I already took one kick ass photo last week that could work for March. But I really need to buckle down for January!

A huge thank you to everyone who followed the Crayola challenge. It was super fun and I find myself, even still, looking at certain things and wondering what Crayola crayon it would most closely resemble.

And if you haven't yet, please take a look at the amazing work that both Cyrena & Sarah did for the challenge.

As of yesterday, we all completed the project!


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