Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 15. NYC --> LAX

This is the glorious sight I woke up to this morning:

And my day only got better.

Walking around Brooklyn.
Seeing beautiful foliage.

Interesting people.

And connecting with Quinn in a way I haven't done so before!
She wanted to hold my hand. Walk down the street together. And called out my name. It melted my heart and made all my travel and the brief pit stop in NYC totally worth it!

The last leg of my flight was perfectly fine. I was itchy to get home. To see Steve. To see Katie. To see Clancy. To stop living out of a suitcase. To stop eating like crap. To start working out. To do a lot of things.

This has been a wonderful trip. I loved my time in Paris. I loved my time in Ireland. I loved the unexpected and wonderful day I had in Brooklyn. And now I'm so grateful to be home, in my own bed and ready to face the world.

Night night!


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