Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 11. Carrick-on-Shannon

Another low-key day considering all that I've been doing in the past week and a half. I had an early start out of Galway, leaving when Robin did for work.

I took a route back to Carrick-on-Shannon that I hadn't traveled before so I could drive through Athlone and to see some new sights. I got to Athlone before most of the town had woken up, but I enjoyed the quick walk I did take through town.

With a short morning walk behind me, I got back into my trusty travel companion and made my way to the B&B. I took my time, taking pictures along the way, allowing myself a little more time to take super small roads in search of sights like this:

When I pulled back out on the main road, I was rewarded with my sheep-spotted field! And took one of my most favorite pictures of the trip (the 3rd one). I love the way the bails of hay contrast the sheep. And how it seems to go on for miles and miles and miles...

From there, I made my way to Carrick-on-Shannon. Went into town, grabbed lunch and a few photos:

On my drive back to the B&B, I was greeting with this beautiful sight:
(I may have doctored this up ever so slightly with my most favorite iPhone app).

Finally back at the B&B, I did the one thing I had hoped to do much more of on this trip- NAP! I took a glorious nap under the heavy blanket in the comfortable twin sized bed and zonked out for a few hours. I couldn't have been happier!

Being a Tuesday, I knew the Thatch wouldn't be very busy. And I have found myself wrestling with the decision to rally and go out or just stay in bed and read, catch up on my blog and email on this trip. And today wasn't any different. Do I stay in bed or rally?

Of course I chose to rally. I can't not go to the Thatch when I'm right across the street? That'd be madness! I had a quick dinner in town- where I watched the most adorable Irishman eat Chinese food inside a pub while watching a soap opera.

And then walked over to the Thatch for a low-key night of fun, Guinness and conversation.

Tomorrow is my last night at The Thatch in 2011 and the sadness is already creeping in. This has been a great trip and I've been so grateful for just how much time I've spent here. Well done, Molly, on the scheduling this time around!


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