Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 10. Galway

All things considered, today was a very low-key day. Robin and I were up early

Said goodbye to our beautiful street

And then drove to Galway, making one stop at my favorite restaurant in all of Ireland, Moran's Oyster Cottage. Amy and I went here last year (twice in two days) and I've been drooling, I mean, dreaming, about this meal ever since!

Baked garlic mussels and goats cheese salad (which looks totally unappetizing in the picture, but is really quite delicious). YUMMY.

It was a quiet night in Galway, despite it being Halloween. We hung out at The Townhouse with some of Robin's friends after hitting up another pub and catching some kids in costumes. And I got to end the night with a haircut, courtesy of Robin!

Tomorrow I go back to Carrick-on-Shannon for two nights, which I'm of course looking forward to.

My time with Robin has been so much fun. So easy. So comfortable. Really great. Filled with lots of fun little inside jokes we now have to add to our long list of memories which span from when we were kids growing up in New Fairfield, Connecticut.

Goodnight, Galway!


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