Monday, March 7, 2011

Mental Food Block Be Gone!

I may be making great progress on the weight loss front, but it doesn't mean I'm completely healed from the many food-related issues that have weighed me down (pun intended) for years and years.

Case in point: Dannon Greek Yogurt.

I've been eating greek yogurt for well over a year now. While playing the game I was introduced to its amazing benefits- jam packed grams of protein being at the top of the list. But the kind I typically eat, Fage, doesn't really taste that great. I mean greek yogurt has a bitter taste. And the ones that have a side cart of honey or some congealed fruity mixture to add to the yogurt seem to take away from the health benefits. So I'd eat the fat-free Fage and add a teaspoon of honey along with fresh strawberries and blueberries to make it easier to digest. But I wasn't in love.

Since being back on Weight Watchers, I've been trying different kinds of greek yogurt, checking the nutritional content on the back and calculating the points. Turns out different kinds of greek yogurt vary from 3 points to 5 points. And when you're counting points, 2 can make a huge difference.

Dannon recently came out with their own version of greek yogurt. I accidentally grabbed the vanilla flavor and was pleasantly surprised when I got home and loooooved it! I was even happier when I verified the point value and it was only at 3. I thought to myself, "But how could this be? It's the best tasting greek yogurt I've ever had. It's sweet and delicious and clearly something that tastes this good can't be that good for me."

See this is the problem (one of them) with the way my brain works. In my warped brain, it can't taste delicious and be good for me! I'm working on this piece, I really am. Especially with all the cooking I've been doing, I'm learning that it's easy to make healthy, nutritious, good-for-me meals that taste really good!

So one tiny moral of this story- go out and get some vanilla flavored Dannon greek yogurt- it's so delicious you might even be able to trick yourself into thinking your eating vanilla pudding!

PS- The description of Dannon greek yogurt is pretty right on: Introducing Dannon Greek, the most delicious yogurt imaginable! Rich, and creamy-thick, it's an indulgent eating experience that you'll want to savor and enjoy. Plus, with 0% Fat, you'll feel good knowing this heavenly taste is good for you. Dannon Greek is made with a traditional Greek-strained process, to not only give you a taste you will love but also provide a creamy-thick consistency unique from other types of yogurt. Available in 5 great flavors- strawberry, blueberry, honey, vanilla and plain- try them all! Heavenly taste comes to earth.


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