Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 3- Budapest

Sadly, my vacation is coming to an end. While I'm anxious to get home to my boys (Hi Steve & Clancy), my twin, (Hi twin!) and my friends (Hi Audrey, Carrie & Jena!), it's been a wonderful vacation and going back to real life and work is going to be a little bit of an adjustment.

For starters, I have a 20-hour travel day ahead of me.


I take a taxi from Amy's apartment to the airport here in Budapest. Board a plane to London. Wait about three hours before my flight to Dallas. Get to Dallas and go through customs, then wait another two hours before my last leg of the journey and fly to Los Angeles. Once there my wonderful husband will be picking me up and driving me directly into my bed.

I'm mostly packed and ready to go. Just have a few little things to pack up so that when my alarm goes off at 528am all I have to do is get dressed and go meet the cab for a 6am pick-up.

This last day has mostly been about easing out of vacation mode and back into real-life mode. We started off reading and writing and being generally lazy. But we headed over the Danube motivated by all you can eat sushi. I can hear some of my dear readers (like my husband) wondering why in the world would I think trying all you can eat sushi in a place like Budapest (not known for its fish as far as I can tell) is a good idea.

Well, it turns out it's not. Our second roll in (tuna avocado) didn't taste up to par and Amy and I decided to tell the waiter. Not speaking the language certainly didn't help because when we told him it "tasted fishy," his response was "Well. It is fish." When we responded with "Yeah, but it doesn't taste good", he shook his head in complete confusion and muttered "It's just fresh today" as he walked away clearly annoyed with us.

The thing is they charge you 300 HUF (Hungarian currency that I've been confusing with Monopoly money since arriving here) for every piece of fish left on the plate. And Amy let me know after ordering like 12 more pieces of sushi that she wasn't going to eat anymore. "I can feel my stomach turning." So I sat there like a champ, determined not to give the waiter any satisfaction in charging us extra, and ate the remaining sushi. And yet, when we called uncle and asked for the bill, the now surly waiter looked at us in disappointment, clearly disapproving of how little we actually consumed.

With a bad all you can eat sushi experience behind us, Amy and I went off on foot for souvenirs and something sweet to help us completely forget about our previous meal.

I had one building I wanted to check out- the Museum of Applied Arts- and so we once again did far more walking than we planned just to see it. This was the first building I fell in love with on the drive in from the airport and while I was happy we went back to check it out, it's definitely much prettier at night.

From the Applied Arts building, we made our way back to Amy's. With a few detours, including a bridge closure, a metro ride, a quick burrito stop and a taxi we finally made it back to Amy's.

One canceled dinner reservation later (for the second night in a row) and we've had a very quiet night playing catch-up.

Here are the best pictures from today's excursion:


And that's a wrap Budapest!


Anonymous,  November 11, 2010 at 11:12 PM  

Great post.... esp. beacause you referenced us! hee hee No really, cool all around! Glad to have you home, xo

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