Saturday, November 6, 2010

Budapest- Day 2

Since I took care of the majority of the sight seeing yesterday, Amy and I were a little unsure of exactly what we'd do today, Saturday.

I set out the day with a few request:
First- I wanted to do as little walking as possible. I figure I got in nearly 10 miles on foot yesterday and I just wasn't up for another long day of walking.
Second- I didn't want to spend all day outside of Amy's apartment. I wanted to build in some time to update my blog and to read in my book.

As predictably and hilariously expected, nothing turned out exactly as we had hoped!

We wanted to go to The Grand Market, grab some lunch and do the hop on hop off bus tour so we could cover some of the places I didn't get to on foot yesterday. It's hard to know where exactly we went wrong. Because here's how our day turned out: Walk and metro ride to The Grand Market, walk to St. Stephen's Basilica to get on wifi to get the address for an Indian restaurant I read about in Time Out Budapest, walk back in the same exact directly we had just come from and take the metro to the other side of the town and walk some more to the Indian restaurant, meet some of Amy's co-workers (and their children) for a long and leisurely lunch, walk to Heroes Square to catch the hop on hop off bus tour, wait for wrong bus company and walk across the street for the right bus company (still don't catch on that we have been looking at a brochure for the entirely wrong company all damn day), hop on the bus and are told the bus is making its last loop (which means we can't actually get off anywhere unless we wanna get stranded), go four stops until we reach the Citadel, get out and say "f the stupid hop on hop off bus" and then take our own amazing pictures of all of Budapest at night, walk down a lot of stairs to get back to the street level, walk a short distance to the bottom of the Buda castle, take some sort of tram thing up, follow our noses to the Hungarian funnel cake stand, eat cake and take pictures, walk to Fisherman's Bastion & Matthias Church, take lots of pictures, sit and talk about how we feel like we're back in Annie with all of our reluctant walking and walking and walking, get off our asses and walk back to Amy's.


Totally not what we set out to do.

We canceled our 8pm dinner reservations. We came home, cleaned ourselves up, downloaded our nearly 300 pictures (between the two of us), talked, fooled around on Facebook, attempted to read and generally just crashed.

Earlier in the day Amy was talking about how she does so much during the day that when it comes time to do something at night, she just doesn't have the energy.

I think that means we're getting older, no?

Either way, take a look at our fabulous day caught on film:

It's been fantastic to be here and I'm so grateful to meet Amy's friends and see her life here. And I love that I'm two for two in traveling to both the places where Amy has taught internationally. Of course I love being part of the fabric of her life in these new places, but more than that, I feel grateful to be able to be part of the memories and to see for myself just how brave she is for doing something so adventurous.


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