Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Socialize or Excercise

It's probably a bad sign that when I look at the word exercise, I'm convinced it's not spelled correctly.

I went to bed last night with a really bad headache.
I took two Advil to make it stop.
I woke up and really could not motivate myself to get up and go to the gym, as I really really wanted to, before starting work.
I tried.
It didn't happen.
I felt fuzzy. Which is weird considering I didn't have anything to drink last night!
When I finally got myself out of bed, but not to the gym, I realized I took two TYLENOL PM, and not Advil as I believed.
I now understand why I feel hungover without the help of any alcohol.
I make it through the day thinking I will go to the gym.
I also think about how badly I feel for people who get headaches on a regular basis.
I think, "That must really suck." And I say as much to a friend who unfortunately gets headaches for, like, 50% of her life. (I verified this statistic with said friend).
I procrastinate.
I think I might do yoga inside my apartment instead.
I do more work.
I take more calls.
I do even more work.
The knot in my stomach grows and I realize I'm running out of time.
I have to meet my friend for coffee.
I have to meet another friend for dinner.


I have to fucking work out.

So I decide to do something that doesn't come naturally to me.
I call my friend and cancel. Explaining that I need to go with the part of me that is actually canceling a coffee date to catch up, and instead going to the gym.
I change into my workout clothes.
Stop an IM conversation abruptly.
Put up my IM status declaring I'm ending the day with a run at the gym. I mean, it might as well be carved in stone, engraved in gold, if you will, once it becomes a Yahoo! IM status. Right?

Clothes on. Check.
Committed to ending the work day. Check.
In the car and en route to the gym. Check.

I already feel better knowing I'm going to work out.

I run 1 1/2 miles without stopping.
And I feel.


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