Monday, July 19, 2010

Post Game Grade = F

Yeah all my dreams and hopes of being a responsible, caring and healthy person (to my body) post game have fallen short- way short. I've been eating way too much and of all the wrong foods. And instead of dragging this out even more and ruining all the good work I've done for the past 11 months, it stops. Now.

It doesn't mean I have to be perfect. It doesn't mean every meal needs to be the right mix of carbs, protein, fat and veggies. It doesn't even have to be at a certain time (although it is helpful to keep on to some sort of schedule). But what it does mean is I have to be way more conscious of what I am putting into my body. I need to think before I eat. Determine if I'm even hungry (and ask myself what for). And work on putting healthier things into my mouth.

This morning, resolved to turn this around, I woke up and went straight to the gym. I haven't been since spin class last Tuesday morning. And I haven't gone running in I don't know how long. Yet this weekend and I was lounging poolside (with an ocean view to boot!) up at my father-in-law's (while he was out of town, of course) I found myself catching up on old fitness magazines, continually drawn to running workouts. I tore a few running plans out and felt inspired enough to get back on the treadmill this morning.

My goal, having not run in at least a month, was simple: see if I could run for just a mile without stopping. If you'll remember, back in the day (like two months ago), I managed to get myself up to 3 1/2 miles without stopping. So I'm happy to report that I started off slowly and had to gradually increase the speed and was able to continue running for 1 1/2 miles without stopping. It felt good to get back into the gym and even better to be running.

Now, it's not even 9am and I've already worked out, had a protein shake for breakfast, downed nearly a liter of water and written on my blog.

Today's a good day.

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