Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Post NYC and no Damage to Report!

This picture is a perfect representation of what it's like to be playing The Game.

I was on my way to go figure out the 2009 tax damage when I realized I had to make a stop at Whole Foods to get in another meal before I missed points for going over the four hour allotment between meals. I pulled into the parking lot, ran out of the car, ran into Whole Foods, grabbed some brown rice tuna avocado sushi, went to the salad bar and decided to give kale another try and plopped some sesame kale into a container, grabbed a 1.5L bottle of water (nothing like starting to drink your water at 430pm!), raced to the checkout line and then once safely in my car, prepped my food for eating and driving.

Yes I know, somewhere Oprah is horrified. Forget the no phone zone pledge, who knew it should be the no sushi and kale zone pledge?

The game forces you to take care of yourself when you would normally let hours go without eating. Period. It forces you to remember to not only eat, but to eat nutritiously. To take the time to really honor and protect your body.

I went to NYC and actually lost 2.8lbs in the time I was there. I would normally be eating pizza, bagels and dunkin donuts hot chocolate all throughout NYC, but instead I had balance bars, mini cucumbers (which are really cute and delicious and as an added bonus- no seeds!), baby bel cheese, chicken, salad, sashimi...and it was all totally okay. I had some temptations, but tried to fill those during my 100 calories of whatever I wanted. And there was something that felt so great at the end of the trip to go back home knowing that I didn't have all this damage to undue.

You know my whole blog started when I couldn't use a seat belt on a flight from Austin to Los Angeles. I'll never forget what that felt like and every time I get on a plane now, I measure my progress by that stupid f'n seat belt which humiliated and horrified me when I couldn't get it on. But now, nearly 40lbs lighter, it's a great feeling to get on the plane knowing that the seat belt is not taking me down!


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