Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello NYC

This is going to be a short blog, because it's almost 1am where I am (NYC) and I still have to workout. I have done a seriously poor job of trying to fit that in, but I have done a seriously good job of surviving a day of travel while on the game. I ate a healthy breakfast en route to the airport and then had two meals while I was on the plane. And then instead of the bacon cheddar burger I really wanted for dinner, I had salmon, asparagus, a dinner salad and a dry baked potato. Go me.

But it was necessary because I didn't make my goal weight this week. In fact, for the first time since I started playing the game, I actually gained 1.4lbs. A clear sign that I need to make some changes to how I'm eating and playing. And not really the easiest thing to do while I'm on vacation in NYC. But I can do this. And I will do this!

For now, I'm off to get in 20 minutes of exercise and then hoping to hit the sack!

PS- Tomorrow I will write about how amazing and adorable Quinn is.


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