Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Felicitous Encourters

Here's the email I shared with my other gamer's just now:
i had the most amazing experience at the gym today that i'd like to share with you all.

i walked up to the fourth floor and went to fill up my 1L water bottle to accompany my 3-mile run on the treadmill. a man with a measly 8-oz. plastic bottle stood in line and i graciously told him to go right on ahead of me. the water fountain, while producing very cold water, is very slow and i didn't want him to wait for me. he apologized for taking so long and i told him not to worry about it that i wasn't in a rush. after he was done, he smiled at me and went on his merry way and thanked me again.

i then went about my business and started filling up my water bottle and saw that someone else was coming to fill up their water bottle. i looked up and it was KERI RUSSELL from felicity. in my mind, my eyes bugged out and i got all excited. but in reality, i kept my shit together and just smiled at her and said hi. she said hello back and told me that she was filling up her large water bottle too and to not worry. she is so absolutely stunning in person. tiny, fit and the most clear skin ever. after filling up my water bottle, i checked her out again and then walked into the bathroom to put on my heart rate monitor. sure enough, keri russell followed me in and then changed in the bathroom. she got a phone call and started talking on the phone and i overheard part of her conversation about having to meet someone at the four seasons in beverly hills. we have the same sneakers. i'm just saying.

i went about my business and set out to run three miles even though it had been nearly a week and a half since my last run. and i am also happy to report that in addition to seeing keri russell, i did manage to get in my three mile run! it's nice to see how my body has progressed and maintained. i remember when i used to run the length of one song and walk the length of another song and alternate like that for about 20 minutes. slow and steady for sure.

when i was walking out, i spotted my apparent girl crush doing pilates and tried to take a decent picture. it's not the best but...eat your heart out.

and here's the accompanying picture:

Now, as I wrote in the email to my team and opponents, I did manage to get in a three mile run. Which felt great to do since I've been doing a lot of walking and stairs. Running seems to the workout I keep coming back to and want to maintain. If that's the case then you'd like I'd do it with more regularity.

I want to capture my workout and put it on here so I can start watching my progress on the running front.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I'm not feeling optimistic about it as the scale wasn't playing nice this morning. But, I'm not going to focus on that. Whatever tomorrow brings, it's just information to help me understand whether what I've been doing for the past week is something I should keep doing, or something I should be changing. Nothing more, nothing less.


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