Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Workout Sore = Good

Yesterday I did another great workout with Britt as she prepares to cut me lose on a series of workouts over the course of the next six weeks (or so). We had a heavy day of lifting, and added in a couple of different exercises from our previous session on Thursday. And the one exercise that was totally different, has completely kicked my ass.

Meaning, I'm sore in places I really don't think I've ever been sore before. Specifically, my freaking forearms. Here's the exercise that kicked my ass:

Now, I woke up this morning all proud and happy because I wasn't that sore. Which means progress, right? After just two sessions back at the gym with weights, I wasn't that sore. Rejoice!


As the day wore on, my soreness increased. And finally, when I hopped in my car tonight to meet a friend on the other side of town, I found that just gripping the steering wheel was actually a bit of a challenge. You know how when you first wake up in the morning and if you try to grasp something or to make a fist and it hurts a little?

Yeah, that's what was happening when I was just, oh, driving my car.

I like being sore though. I really do. It's a great feeling of accomplishment, so as much as it may seem that I'm complaining, I'm really not! I dig this feeling.

Tomorrow is the first weigh-in for this round of the game. I'm excited to see how the past week has gone and also happy that we're one week into it. In some ways this game has felt different.

It's been great to have new people involved and motivating me. I have loved the communication aspect of the game this time around. I'm playing with people who are really good at slinging shit and it makes me laugh. I also like the timing of this game. Starting right after the New Year has helped me set some boundaries I hope to incorporate all year long. I figure getting some of these habits started this early on will only make it easier to keep it up all year long.

But on the other hand, this game seems harder. I feel cravings more. I look forward to my meal and day off intensely. And I don't know if it's because I took so much time off between games (and ate like total shit and didn't work out at all), but the intensity of my cravings at times is, well, intense. So I don't like that part of the game this time around. Luckily I've been able to resist all temptations, but at the same time, I don't want to fulfill my cravings so much on my meals off that I ruin the work I've done all week. Here's hoping that passes- and quickly!

Until tomorrow...


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