Friday, January 8, 2010



This morning, less than 12 hours before my last visit, I woke up (well, was nudged by Steve because I was sleeping soundly through my alarm) and went to the gym. I had a great workout with Britt that kicked. My. Ass.

Here's what we did:

Walking lunges

Squats with a 30lb bar (3x15)

Glute Ham Raise (3x12)

Quick Step-Ups

Overhead Press with 30 lbs (3x15)

Abs on the Exercise Ball (2x15)

Bench Press (3x15- 45 lbs and then 65 lbs)

Russian Twists

I realized I haven't worked out doing weights since before I went to Ireland or...roughly two months ago. Which is really crazy. As much as I know I'm going to be feeling this workout tomorrow, it felt even better to get back into the gym and lift. I missed it and am looking forward to seeing and feeling the benefits of working my body in that way.


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