Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spin & Yoga

In my ongoing quest to make goal tomorrow morning, I packed in two workouts today. My day started with a 554am wake-up call. A 610am pick-up of the twin. And a 630am spin class at the gym. I've only taken spin class about three times. The last class I took was well over a year ago and my only goal at the time was to remain pedaling the entire time. I didn't care if I ever got out of the saddle (thanks to great advice from then spinning instructor, Mandy Ingber), but was very happy when I could get out of the saddle.

Today, my goal remained the same; pedal for the 50 minute class. And with the exception of about 10 seconds when I had to readjust for long-term comfort (and the ability to bear children in the future- what, too much information?), I was able to do just that. Right next to me, kicking my ass all the way up the "hills" was my twin who could have taken on Lance Armstrong- for reals. I burned nearly 500 calories and was sweating like a pig. And it was great to be done with my workout by 720am.

The rest of the day flew by and my next workout on tap was a "gentle yoga" class back at the gym. I picked up a friend and off we went for this 7pm class. I've taken yoga before, but only at YAS (Yoga & Spinning in Venice). I feared getting kicked out of the class because of the mandatory and drawn out "ohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmsssss" we were expected to exhale every now and again. It's just not my thing. And although it wasn't a workout which increased my heart rate or had my muscles burning, it was a great way to end this Game On week and a wonderful thank you to my body for all it has done for and with me this week.

I'll report back in the morning!


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