Monday, January 25, 2010

3 Workouts in 1 Day

It's just past 8pm and I'm in bed. I'm impatiently awaiting the arrival of 9pm so I can eat my last meal of the day and go to sleep.

I stepped on the scale yesterday and was up a freaking pound from when I weighed in last Wednesday. Which was already a pound up from where I needed to be to make last week's 1% weight goal. Grrr. So I really stepped it up today and worked out three, yes three, times at the gym.

I kicked it off this morning with an attempt at a 2-mile run. Since that's what I've been doing lately, I figured I hop on the treadmill and get that out of the way. But I only made it about a mile and a half before stopping to walk. I walked a little bit and then finished running. In all, I logged in about 2 1/4 miles and had my heart rate elevated for pretty much the whole time. And burned about 300 calories.

Then tonight, Katie and I went to a class at the gym "500 Calorie Workout." I've never done a class at the gym before. For one, I'm intimidated by all the tiny, sculpted women in the perfect workout gear. I step inside those workout studios and automatically feel all lumpy and bad about myself. Also, I just don't tend to gravitate towards workout classes. I've doing the personal training and then worked out on my own on the cardio machines. And that's always been enough. But, because I have some pounds I'm looking to move off my body pronto, I figured I'd try something new. That Mark Twin quote kept popping in my head: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.”

I tried to get Katie to agree to try a spinning class with me and we ended up bartering a bit. She agreed to go t a spin class with me tomorrow if I went to her workout class tonight.


So off I went to the "500 Calorie Workout" class which was a combination of steps, weights, kettle belling and other random exercises. It was 50-minutes long and I actually burned 486 calories. Which was fine. I'm sure if I was able to do the class as the instructor did, I would have burned 500 calories or more. But I needed to take some breaks and I couldn't do everything. Let's face it, 486 calories is nothing to be bummed about! I liked the workout perfectly fine, but I wouldn't rush back to take the class.

Because I still felt like I could give a little more after the class, I decided to hop on the treadmill and run a mile. And there went another 100+ calories.

Tomorrow morning, before the sun is up, Katie and I will go to the gym and try and finagle a bike for a 630am spin class. I've only tried spinning a few times. And despite almost dying each time, I recognize that it's an amazing workout and burns a shitload of calories.

So here's hoping that tomorrow's go round with the scale takes all this hard work into consideration. And if that, I'll be mostly okay with that. I made my peace with the scale a while ago...sort of.


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