Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Huge Accomplishment

Is it bad that one of the things that sticks out most for me with the 3-Day is that I actually stuck to my food plan while I was gone? Because it is. I'm very very proud of myself for doing it. I feel like I crossed this mental barrier in my life by being able to carry around a cooler filled with protein and other "game on" approved foods. To add fuel to the fire, my job (which I volunteered for) was to unpack, arrange and hand out the snacks to the participants as they came through our Pit Stop. But my plan was to be on program Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday and take Sunday as my day off. And it worked! Thanks to a lot of determination and will power, I stuck to it with flying colors and during my time in Colorado, only missed points because I did not get a full 7 hours of sleep one night.

I made a stop at Target as soon as we arrived to Crew Day on Thursday and picked up a bunch of protein and then made another run on Saturday morning to Whole Oats (my nickname for a Wild Oats store which hasn't transitioned into a full-blown Whole Foods yet) to refill. It was very challenging. Especially when Starbucks pastries were dropped off for us on Friday and Saturday we were greeted with the world's largest box of donuts. It was challenging when I was literally dead on my feet and had to stay up just to get in my last meal of the day. It was especially challenging when I woke up at 322am on Friday and had to work out when I was done with my Crew duties for the day at 630pm, when all I wanted to do was fall onto my bed in the hotel room. It was challenging when I spent all day just handing out Lays, Uncrustables, peanuts and granola bars and I had to steal away to eat more frickin' Laughing Cow cheese just to get my food points in!

But, that's part of what this challenge is all about, right? Making difficult choices everyday to put your health ahead of your temptations. Doing the right thing even when all the wrong things are staring you in the face. I've spent most of my adult life making all the wrong decisions when it comes to my weight loss efforts and it was a huge accomplishment to get it right this time. It also proved to me that I do posses the mental strength to stick with a weight loss plan and that I've just been struggling for a long long time to find the right plan for me. It feels good to have found something that works for me.

I'm happy to say it all paid off when I stepped on the scale today and weighed 3 lbs less than I did the week before! I've lost a total of 11 lbs since we started the game three weeks ago and I feel great. We have one more week of this game and then the final results will determine who wins the $300 prize.

I"m motivated and ready to win, but know that regardless of the outcome, I'm already so far ahead of the game.

Go me!


Amy W,  September 5, 2009 at 1:15 PM  

im so happy for you! and glad you chose to stay in a hotel vs. at camp :)

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