Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 26th- 5 years

Yesterday marked the 5-year anniversary from the day my dad died.

I still feel incredible sadness over him not being around.
I still find the day difficult to get through.
I still think about him and think of the hospital and everything that went down.
I still don't understand what happened (and know that I likely never will).
I still take a great amount of comfort in knowing other people are thinking of him and missing him too.
I still feel so fortunate for the amazing network of friends and family who help makes days like August 26th so much easier to get through.
I still ate (just two spoonfuls of) ice cream to celebrate my father.
I still miss him.
I still wish he was here.

I wrote about it in my journal. I talked about it a little bit with friends. I exchanged a bunch of emails with family. I got a ton of support from people on Facebook acknowledging the day.

And yet, I still went to bed sad.

I love you Dad.


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