Friday, August 7, 2009

An Eight Day Break- Oopsies

Before today I hadn't worked out in eight days! Definitely my longest stretch of not working out since I started this whole thing waaaaay back in the middle of May.

Why did I stop? Lots of reasons. All of them interesting. None of them important.

Today Britt kicked me right back into shape with an all upper body workout. Tomorrow morning I go back in for my all lower body workout. That should be interesting.

First set consisted of:
overhead chest press with 25lbs dumbbells.

bent row, also with 25lb dumbbells.

russian twists- instead of a ball, i used a dumbbell for the added weight/resistance.

I went through this set four times.

My second set consisted of more arm fun!

I worked my shoulders and chest on this next machine by facing away from the machine and then the second exercise I had to sit facing the machine. Doing it the unnatural way, with my front facing the machine was really hard. I had a difficult time making it all the way through the set, but did...barely.

After this mini set I took 10lb weights and did a front raise right into a side raise.

Then led me straight into the overhead raise.

And almost without a single break, I finished this set with bench dips.

Now the killer to this last set is that I started with doing 10 reps and then went down one rep until I only had one rep in the set to do. So I went through this rotation front raise into side raise, into overhead raise and ending with bench dips for 10 reps, then 9 reps, then 8 reps...until I only had one rep. It was such a bitch.

Because Britt was really trying to run me into the ground, she made me try this pull-up machine.

I really really did try to do this. But after working my arms for almost an entire hour, I went to do one of these and ended up almost pulling my arms out of their socket. Very little sarcasm being used to describe just how much I couldn't do this exercise.

So instead we ended with one of my favorite exercises the woodchop exercise to work my core/obliques.

Even though I've been off for over a week, it felt great to be back at the gym, and even better to be working my body so hard.

Back in the game. Watch out!


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