Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taking the Lunge

Up until this past Saturday, I didn't really know there were (at least) four types of lunges. I'm sure there are more than that, however, my workout consisted of a lot of lunges. And four different types. I did 10 sets of each type of lunge FOUR times. That equals a heckuvalotta lunging.

I started with a basic front lunge.

I've done this quite a bit lately, and it's one exercise that helps me see just how much stronger my body has gotten. I can do these much easier than I was able to at the beginning.

Next I did a back lunge. I used to hate hate hate these. Mostly because it was so difficult and it felt like it was hurting me, not helping me. But they have sort of grown on me too.

After the back lunge, I moved into a side/lateral lunge. I've only done these one other time and I was not a big fan. What I've come to realize with the side/lateral lunge, however, is that you don't have to focus so much on going deep (that's when I get myself into trouble). Rather, just focus on the movement and getting the form down. As I do this exercise more and become stronger in my inner thighs, this exercise will become easier.

And the last lunge I did was a crossover lunge. It was the first time I had ever done it and it was really hard. Here's what it looks like:

I wobbled my way through the first few, and then focused a lot on keeping my head and chest upright without tipping too far forward all the while concentrating really hard on bringing my back knee to the ground. It was not an easy one, but it was oddly satisfying.

(Sorry the pictures are so lame. I didn't have a lot of great ones to choose from on Google).

That was just one part of my workout, though. I did more leg, arm and ab work. And voluntarily ended the hour with a one minute plank.


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